Monday, April 20, 2009

My Wishlist

These are my 3 wishes in the nearest time:

1) Hope my Tok Wan will fully recover soon and be able to walk (eventhough he used to stagger) and recognize us back! (He can hardly recognize some of our faces). Ameen..

2) Watch The Red Warriors live this weekend. Finally, they made it to Finale though they had to undergo their hardest time. GOMO KELATE GOMO! Last time I watch The Red Warriors live at Stadium Sultan Muhammad Kota Bharu was 13 years ago (now I'm 24) with my father. That time, Hashim Mustapha was our renowned hero, who won the "Penjaring Kasut Emas". Seriously, I miss those good old days! *But my brother refused to accompany me this weekend.:(*

3) Finish all the assignments!Haih...can't stand the nausea of the thinking-parts. I need Xanax! Seriously, it's mentally-relieving!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kelantan Football Hooligans

I was utterly shocked when I read the news few days ago. 3 words which perfectly fit to describe these hooligans: UNCIVILIZED, STUPID and HUMILIATING. I came across our highly-respected Chief Minister comment in a Malay tabloid yesterday,"Sungguh Memalukan". I believed all the educated and civilized Kelantanese would have agreed with Tuan Guru. I feel so ashamed with those jackass behaviors. Now the citizens from the other states are throwing shits and accusations towards all the Kelantanese.

OMG, when a portion of these dumbass rebelled outrageously, why all of my fellow state mates have to be the scapegoats? They said this 'uncivilised group' has nothing to do with the girls, but only the Kelantan guys. Hmm.. My boyfriend hailed from the same state, but I never detect his hot-tempered sense. I don't think that he has the tendency to start the fire with the 'orang luar'. A few of my blogger mates are Kelantanese too. Mr.Darabdua is the most funniest creature I had ever met, somone who is fun-to-be-with and I bet everybody will crack a laughter to hear his whacky jokes or read his blog. Mr Pjoe is a cool person too and has a sense of sensitivity towards the XX creatures(based on my observation on his blog entries). Well, don't just simply threw blanket accusations toward the Kelantanese guys.

My observations are based on bona fide/true accounts and hypothesis. No biasness/favoritism/inclination of preferential treatment towards my fellow state mates.

Again, shame on you the hooligans.You deserved to live in exile. (See, no biasness right?)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Utterance

I always fall into a state of forlorn before I bid goodbye to my home, whereas whenever I step my feet onto the Kelantan's land I would always feel delightful and welcomed with some rhythm echoing like 'Sweethome Alabama'. Oh well replace the word Alabama with Kota Bharu. Perfectly fits.

An hour after I write this entry, I will left my home, well not for good. I am just being too emotional. *Smirk*. Spending the final hours before I left, I went to the hair saloon to straighten my hair & consequently burned a hole in my pocket.Haih..I'm not really into this stiff and fake hair, but it gives me a worry-free guarantee, plus my guy keep on condemning my 'jerebek' hair.

Kota Bharu is a bit hot these days. Except for today, the morning rain was too seductive to resist until I huddled in my bed and woke up at 11! Apart from this morning, the humidity made the temperature soooo oppresive. Plus my room's aircond ain't working. It's so terrible. I can feel perspiration beaded up on my forehead whenever I surf the Net inside my room.

I did my very own D-I-Y stuff the day before I left which costs only RM1.50. Picture above. It looks effortlessly Hippies, but I have no idea where and when should I wear it. My mom made a sarcastic hint that it's a crap idea. Nahh but I'm still persistent about wearing it some day..

I can't help myself to keep on watching some old stuff by Radiohead on Youtube, their most fascinating piece. Obviously it's Creep. True Love Awaits is hypnotizing too. Well, all work pieces from Thom Yorke are the result of the genius! Someday I wish I will go to Europe for my honeymoon and a trip to Radiohead's concert will make my honeymoon perfect. We will listen together to 'Creep' and lost in the transition. But I'm afraid that's impossible. Haven't you heard the news that Thom Yorke won't sing Creep again?

Jerebek= Kelantanese accent which refers to unruly and messy hair.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot Air Ballon Fest

Currently, I don't have the mood to elaborate the whole event, let the pictures speak for themselves and reclaim their rightful place. Sometimes, the photographs can speak better than the lengthy words.Remember Taking Back Sunday song, This Photograph is the Proof?

'Become a morning person' on this day. Woke up at 6.15AM just to make sure that I reach there before 7.30AM.Huh..

I felt so exhausted, yet exhilarated.Period.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ainna!

I know I should post this entry a month ago, but sometimes time-constraint and workloads could take my focus away and my mind would go haywired.Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy Ainna dearie!Now I have all the time in the world to write on my blog and ideas after ideas start popping up my mind, next on the list are Payed's mini birthday celebration, hot air balloon fest, etc..I write only when I have ideas.;)

We threw a mini celebration for Miss Nayrell or Ainna at Bert's garden. The food there was okay, I only ordered Nasi Lemak, not so much choices of rices. I can't live without eating rice for a day or else I would go haywired. But I can say that I gave two thumbs up for their warm service and the friendly staffs. The environment there was fantastic, the chilling winds, the hissing sounds of the tides, etc. We had a lot of fun, particularly on gossiping. Haha.I mean when Natalie and Anita started to spill out the gossip, the rest of us went gaga.

'*Ainna is one of my bosom pals at the University. She's fucking HOT! (you know when I put the word 'fucking' it means I'm really really serious, I bet the rest would say that as well), but sorry she's taken. She has a BRILLIANT fashion-sense and I will not be surprise to see her on Who What Wear Myspace muses one day. She has a soft-spoken voice, kind-hearted, loving, caring, and she's a good example of a person who is extremely cautious on her words while she's talking. She won't hurt other people feelings with her words. :). Ainna dear I wrote this testimony based on my frank observation during 4 years of our friendship. ;)

May 2009 brings luck and happiness to you and I wish to see you on 'red and white' wedding altar one day (as you told me in class that day).

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Happy Birthday Nat!!*screaming at the top of my lung*.I can only manage to post the entry today because I waited for the pictures from my friend's camera to be uploaded. Today I grabbed it from Ainna's Facebook. A bunch of gratitudes for Ainna dearie for uploading the pictures just now. We threw a party for her at Dreambox. The food turned out to be pretty yummy and the plan ran smoothly. We had a fun and joyful time that night, singing loudly, laughing, melantak, and a 'lil bit' on gossiping.:D

*Natalie is one of my best human-encounter at the Law School. She is one of my bosom pals. HOT!, funny but a smart-ass, very detail-oriented person, bubbly, caring, kind-hearted, have a big reservoir of empathy (seriously I observed this one), and the list of these positive trait are non-exhaustive. Ohh and not to forget, she's the best gossip-partner in the whole world (I bet the rest would also say that) and has this trademark.."Eh I ada gossip tauuuuuu!!"

May all your wishes come true dear. Have a blissful year!:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS NIK NUR MADIHAH for proving an excellent record and scored 20As in the SPM last year. You are a true example of a flower which bloomed gracefully in an adverse time. You showed to the whole nation that hardship could not hinder you to excel in your studies and be much much better than others. Even you have RM1 for your pocket money daily, that won't fade your spirits away. Your great reservoir of passion, vigour, hard works, and geniuses had paid-off and prove that you are better than the son or daughter of a Minister, or a Parliamentarian, or the prominent rich man.

You had lifted up the name of Kelantan State Government school, proving that their products are better than the elite boarding schools where the students have been trained and gained more public attention. You suit the saying that "Resisting in adversity causes some men to break, but others to break record". I have a BIG respect and admirance on you.

May you be excel in your future life and prove another great history in the Physic field.

*I came across the offensive words of Murai in a Malay mainstream paper, labelling her house as 'rumah atau reban?' and accusing the state gov for neglecting the welfare of their ppl. I was like wtf? She had even proved that she's much moreeee better than the useless son of a prominent Minister displayed in Gutter Censor website,huh.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Journey to the Future Ahead

Here I go, sailing through a sleepless night, pondering on the future ahead. The economic recession, the tremendous amount of laying-off among the current proletariats (are we the proletariats?), next scandalous PM on the line (huh can u imagine that?), and etc.. Yeah, vague future for my generations (Or I am the only paranoid?)

I learned that during the recession one has to be creative and dare to take the risk with their unseen hands. One who survives and becomes a striking figure on the race will undoubtedly make a break. Note the words of Mulan in its movie, "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful".History tells.Period.

Yeah, resisting through unfavorable time causes some men to break, but others to break record, But can I be like them? I am a woman with low self-confidence, to be frank. But the stories of great men who are able to resist through the challenging times are really inspiring. Hilton (the founder of Hilton Hotel chain) and happened to be the father of bimbotic but charming Ms Paris came from a poor background. He barely survived during The Great Depression. He started his business by way of transforming their home to a modest inn, drummed up his business by way of inducing the travellers at the train station and gave them a room at 1 dollar and meals cooked by his wife. He had the idea, and he generated it. He broke the record.

So as Abraham Lincoln who was born in poverty and faced defeat after defeat throughout his life. Read his story at Wikipedia. No use to cut and paste it here. Eventually, he was elected as Mr President. Lincoln was not great because he was born in a log cabin, but because he got out of it.

And me, which trail should I follow? I learned a quote from Albert Einstein..

"...I think and think for months and years. 99 times, the conclusion is false. The 100th time Iam right".